Creepy Space Objects

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm.  Come explore the 'creepiest' places in the Universe. Can you see the witch's head?  Sirius Girls Club Members Only.


Winter Constellations

What's great about winter?  It gets dark outside early!  This club meeting will focus on our Winter constellations including Canis Major with our bright star Sirius.

Sirius Girls Club Members Only.


Winter Solstice

It's not the shortest day of the year - it's the longest night!  This club meeting will talk about what stars we can see during which season and why.

Sirius Girls Club Members Only.


Star Nursery

Let's start the new year by talking about a birthplace of stars.

Sirius Girls Club Members Only.


Star Crossed Love

In time for valentine's day, we'll tell the love stories behind some of the constellations we see during the year - Perseus and Andromeda, Altair and Vega, and more!

Sirius Girls Club Members Only.


Color & Light

In time for Spring, we'll talk about how astronomers use light and color to learn the secrets of the universe. 

Sirius Girls Club Members Only.